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The best are everywhere

It was pointed out under “Mobility at Work” in the chapter of ‘Communication and Mobility in Everyday Life’ (Castells et al. 2007) how conventional work processes will be witnessing a profound transformation because of the advancements in mobile communication. This falls in perfect alignment with the chapter from the book “ReWork” called: ‘The best are […]

Class workshop – (Phenomenology)

My broad question to an IT student was: in today’s fast-paced life, how often do you feel the need to have some downtime (alone time), to which he answered: everyday. The questions that followed were building up to investigate on how text messaging via mobile phones have become a mean to confront the people in […]

Phenomenological Questions on Thai food experiences

Phenomenological Questions on Thai food experiences To understand the insights of respondences who have experiences on Thai food in Sydney. Four specific phenomenological questions, which are one broad and three specific questions, had been asked to four respondences. Our broad question is Have you ever have Thai food in Sydney?. Three specific questions are when […]

Phenomenological Questions on Sydney Sider Weather Experiences

My interviewee was a female and some interesting insights was gained. Some of the questions Q:Has Sydney weather changed peoples approaches to their daily activities? A: Yes (So I probed a bit more by more by asking what do you mean) – and the reply was that “Planning for the day is always good as […]

iPad-based education in primary schools – Learning on Demand

In relation to our talk about ethnographic research yesterday, back in Denmark some classmates and I conducted an empiric ethnographic research of a primary schools use of iPads’ in the classroom. As we also discussed, mobile devices are impacting on our social life, and in particular the way we gain access to information nowadays. Therefor […]

Phenomenology exercise: exploring attachment to smartphones

For my phenomenology exercise I wanted to investigate an individual’s attachment to their smartphone; how attached were they? Are they conscious of their attachment? How did they feel about the device? I created a list of questions to explore this topic in an interview format: During an average day, when do you first use your […]

Qualitative Research on the Internet

Broad Question: Have our lives become too attached to the Internet? In my interview, I wanted to know if peoples’ lives have become too attached to the Internet that we feel the urge that we must always be connected to it. So the following is what I have learned: My interviewee is a woman and […]