Monthly Archives: April 2013

Arthur Boyd’s The Stockman (1944)

I always love going to the NSW Art Gallery. I’m particularly captivated by some of the incredible artists Australia produced in the 20th Century – Arthur Boyd and Sidney Nolan in particular. After my visit to the gallery I have selected Arthur Boyd’s The Stockman (1944) for discussion. The first thing that strikes me about […]

NSW Art Gallery, or How Ian Burn made me wonder if I exist

Ian Burn “No object implies the existence of any other” (1967) Does the fact that I see myself in the mirror imply my existence? Or, does the fact that I see the mirror imply its existence? I found this artwork with a provocative line on it curious as it raises a lot of questions and […]

Requiescat 1888: Armour and Landseer At Art Gallery

Artist:     Briton Riviere Title:       Requiescat 1888   When I saw this painting and I notice relationship between human and animal in this case is dog. The title of painting called Requiescat from Latin mean prayer for the dead and in English mean rest in peace. In this painting, armour is rest in peace next […]

50GB Free Online Storage.. & it’s in encrypted!

Hi All, Thought this might be of interest to the class. A Cloud company is offering 50GB of free storage, it’s the only cloud company that encrypt’s the data as it’s moving from your PC to their Cloud. I notice that the topic of privacy has popped up in other conversations so I thought this […]

NSW Art Gallery visit

There were so many images that draw my attention screaming out dualities. One in particular, I chose to concentrate is by Luke Fields “The widower” (1876). In this painting Fields represented life and death. The five children and their father already dealt with the loss of their mother and wife. And now the life of […]

The Anatomy Class (Art Gallery Visiting)

I considered myself as a lucky person since I had a chance to visit the Art Gallery last Week. It was amazing walking between paintings, which tell us some aspects of the history. I found many wonderful paintings, but none of them attracted me like The Anatomy Class. When I was a child, I would […]

You’d be surprised what your Facebook likes say about you

This week I came across a fascinating research article relating to the ‘end game’ of big data analysis, and should cause us to ponder the consequences of our public data footprint. Essentially it says that: …through easily accessible digital records of behavior, Facebook Likes, can be used to automatically and accurately predict a range of […]