The Art Gallery of NSW Visit

I have been here since 2009 I blame myself why I have not visited it during this period of time. Anyway, what I saw it was so wonderful and amazing and it can be said that The Art Gallery of NSW includes the world of different arts.

The first amazing picture that steals my attention is :

Horse market, Syria 1893

The above beautiful depiction was painted by italian painter Alberto Pasini on 1893. oil on canvas was used as material of painting and it was purchased on 1894.

The thing that attracts me is the consistent symbols which guide a watcher to two different cultures that are Arabic and Islamic. Through the dressing of people in the this depiction, the culture and the location can be identified as well as the building design can guide to identifying the religion on that place.

The second amazing picture that steals my attention is :

The South Wind; a frieze 1911

As you see, it is so attractive depiction that was painted by England’s painter Robert Anning Bell on 1911 using oil on canvas as as material of painting whereas it was purchased on 1915.

 The first thing that attract me is the consistent colors and the meaning of dispersal of frieze. In this point, I was trying to compare among the depiction itself and its title and what the relation among them and that guide me to research the meaning of south wind which take me to the second attractive thing on this depiction whereas the result is that south wind means the south east wind that hit the  the south part of the Mediterranean from February to June as well as it is known as khamsin in Middle east countries.  I think that the painter can successfully connect among the beauty of environment, the natural factors such as wind and the secondary effects on each one of them. I so love like these kinds of depictions.



  1. The south wind image really captures the moment. The style of painting, the background and the motion of the objects flying are all in sync. I also love the 1st painting, any painting with a big dome looks epic 🙂

    1. Thanks Erhanb
      As I said, it so stopped me and took my attention.. My feelings and emotions go to this paint.

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