The techno body in art

I came across this Australian born artist’s website .

Stelarc experiments with the human body and technology relationship. He is very talented and experienced artist  and being an artist here perhaps ahead of the “trend” in the popular culture.

His experiments, some of  which are medical / surgical body manipulations are designed to explore the idea of “posthuman” body. Or perhaps, it is a statements that we are all “posthuman” already as Meredith Jones writes in her paper “The Body in Popular Culture” (2012).

His body parts are consumables that he uses to express himself as an artist and create the unique identity.

For example, one of his projects was to grow and ear part on his arm. An ear implant with a wireless connection was put in his arm and could be used as a wireless listening device .

According to Jones paper “the meaning of body modification very according to time and place” (Jones 2012). I have seen other art works were the human body was manipulated. I guess we will be seeing more of that in the future.


Jones, M. 2012, ‘The Body in Popular Culture’, in Bruce M. Z. Cohen (ed.), Being Cultural, Pearson, New Zealand, pp. 193-209.


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  1. I just finished watching a documentary on Stelarc’s performance art. His body suspension involved 18 hooks inserted into his skin and attached to cables which suspended him in the air-it really was difficult to watch however his Robotic work such as The prosthetic arm was considered very advanced at that time (1980) and he was invited to NASA to present a talk about his work. I found it interesting that he has spent most of his artistic career presenting the relationship between art and technology but continues to be quite indifferent to justify his artworks as a representation of the future of humanity.

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