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With the media frenzy about the #PRISM case, I stumbled upon this image which I though was very cleverly designed. Advertisements

Were our lives more ‘authentic’ or ‘natural’ before technology?

I love this cartoon. This perfectly sums up the ‘infinite regression’ of the idea that our lives were more ‘natural’ or ‘authentic’ before a certain wave of technology came along: Source: Toothpaste for dinner

NSW Art Galley Visit

I have chosen an artistic figure from Dadang Christano by the name of “They give Evidence” created in 1996-97. Dadang is an Indonesian/Australian artist born on 1957. This 16 standing figures holding clothes, figures made from terracotta powder mixed with resin/fiberglass, 22pieces of clothing made from cloth and resin. Christano has a significant reputation internationally […]

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a replacement of Universal Product Code (UPC) barcodes since it is much easier and more convenient to identify objects (Dewan et al.2008; Lockton & Rosenberg 2009). RFID tags are microchips that consist of all the necessary data. The data is transmitted via an RFID card reader. Also, an antenna is […]

Google Glass Privacy Worries

The news is all abuzz with Google Glass and the privacy issues that this will entail. The concerns include indecent public surveillance, there is the possibility of accidental or remote activation of the camera, it will be difficult to tell when someone is recording you, and it is fairly easy for hackers to gain access to […]

Internet Governance

Michel Foucault’s concept of governmentality is a combination of the words “government”, “mentality”, and “rationality”. With this word, Foucault whishes’ to explain a regulation rationale in which governments can exercise power, and thereby control and regulate it’s habitants trough discrete technologies and mechanisms (Lindgreen, 2007, s. 339). The Internet can be described as a stateless […]

How we view the moving image

In class we were asked to talk about different ways or mediums to view the moving image. As a cinema buff the ultimate viewing experience is in a grand picture palace, a cathedral of the moving image surrounded by strangers. However the cinema is becoming somewhat an anachronistic and expensive way to view the moving […]