Utopia in the iPhone thanks to Mobile Learning

The Mobile Learning or m-learning, is a new teaching and learning method where smartphones and tablets are used inside a real classroom, not a virtual one. Students use the device to record the class (with the video camera), take pictures of important graphs, and they can improve the content searching concepts in dictionaries or online articles.
A class of Geography could be given with everybody using Google Maps, the same for the other subjects. Probably this could be the best way of learning, since in the futures this smartphones will also be available in our daily professional lives and it would be a huge advantage if we learn the ways to use them in a intellectual level since our school years.



  1. I have read quite a bit about learning using iPads and phones. I think that the tactile sense and the interactive quality is really helpful, in particular because of digital animation. I’m thinking counter boards, number boards and other things here — when it comes to learning, at least with children, sounds can be incorporated, as can music and animation. This kind of movement and sound adds some depth to the learning experience which can make it more enjoyable. And I think we all agree that learning should be fun 🙂

  2. I am in full support for new developments in E learning, I think it accommodates for different learning styles and there is a lot of potential for interesting ways in which data can be presented in a fun and interactive way. However I do worry that not all schools/communities will have equal access to new technology. If this is to be a new teaching method I would hope the Government will support the program so each child has the same opportunity.

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