How we view the moving image

In class we were asked to talk about different ways or mediums to view the moving image. As a cinema buff the ultimate viewing experience is in a grand picture palace, a cathedral of the moving image surrounded by strangers. However the cinema is becoming somewhat an anachronistic and expensive way to view the moving image it is important to consider the alternatives. Below is my response to the exercise.

going to the cinema


Watching a movie in a cinema space is very different to watching a movie at home.

You are allocated a seat, you can eat food like you would at home but you cannot throw the popcorn at the screen, if bored or scared you cannot fast feed the part that you find incompatible.

You can only interact with it on one level (unless it is three D) watching the screen (unless you are one of those people who like to talk at the screen then its two levels.

It is a public experience there are dress codes and rituals (where you sit what you see)  you are surrounded by strangers experiencing a similar thing to you.

You may go on a cheap night so you don’t have to pay full price.

Your posture is more upright than at home you cannot control your climate  may be hot or cold

Because you are immersed in the environment both visually and auditory  you cannot engage in multi tasking like you would if you were watching a film on television or on your computer or device.



Watching a movie on Television is much more interactive than when you go to the cinema. You can choose what you want to see without the cost (unless you rent or brought the film). If you are watching a commercial station you must contend with Ads. The environment is more relaxed, you are in your own home you can wear your PJ’S if you want. It s a private experience unless you have friends and family over to watch a film . If its only family it is private to some extent.

You can turn it off and on if you no longer want to watch it or it is a DVD.



This is more of a private experience as you usually use headphones and you can take it with you, where ever you go I often watch programs on the train too and from Sydney.

Environment: It can be anywhere

Posture: Depends where your computer is.

Private: Because you are usually immersed with head phones on.

Its purchase in the sense you are using bandwidth

You can get content from bit torrent sites or what movies are on sites like You tube, SBS on demand and I view.

It is much more interactive unlike cinema you can choose what you watch and when you watch it. The experience is different because its portable.

watching on a phone

Mobile Phone

Viewing a movie is different on a mobile device. When I view a movie on a mobile I tend not to watch instead I listen, it all depends if I have seen the movie before as the screen is small I find it hard on my eyes watching for long periods.

Environment: Similar to the computer often watch programs on the bus or train.

Posture :  A bit bent over as I sometimes have it on my desk at work. Individual experience as you usually use headphones .

Not free as you use bandwidth.




  1. My favourite is the computer. I have a nice Mac laptop so everything looks great on screen. I can take it wherever I like around the house, somewhere private or somewhere with others. And iTunes lets me start up where I left off last time. If I’m going to get really involved in a drama or one of my favourite shows, I like to be left alone so that I can become absorbed in the story line. I find this difficult on the television because there are interruptions from housemates, or someone else wants to watch something or have some peace and quiet. The laptop is just easy – you’re not disturbing anyone and nobody is disturbing you.

  2. Oh, and I find I spend a lot less time watching TV shows now that I have them in iTunes and just leave off and pick up wherever I want. It is so liberating to not have to watch to the end of an episode. If you stop in the middle of an episode you’re not always left with that temptation of starting the next one to see what happens next. I wonder if TV writers will need to revisit how they formulate the flow of TV shows if more people start staggering their watching in this way.

  3. I personally can’t stand watching television and I never watch it unless I’m sitting in the living room eating dinner and I’m just in search of something to look at while I’m eating. I also don’t go to the cinemas often… I have been less than ten times in my whole life.

    At home I don’t watch much; I used to subscribe to some video bloggers on YouTube but it has been a while since I have. I usually only watch music videos, and that said, I watch a lot of things on my iPhone because they’re short and they’re not a problem to look at on a small screen. I have a large 24 inch monitor which is great for watching movies or television shows on the rare occasion that I want to. Like Katie, I like picking up where I left off, you just have so much more control on a computer, and it’s a more acceptable size (I know not many people want to watch a movie on their phone).

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