Google Glass Privacy Worries

The news is all abuzz with Google Glass and the privacy issues that this will entail. The concerns include indecent public surveillance, there is the possibility of accidental or remote activation of the camera, it will be difficult to tell when someone is recording you, and it is fairly easy for hackers to gain access to the system. Hackers could both spy on the people wearing Glass, and the people around them.

In an attempt to curb this feeling of animosity, Google has stated that for the time being facial recognition apps will not be allowed on Google Glass. In addition to this, they are saying that when someone wants to film or use the camera, a little light above the users eye will go on and stay on, making it noticeable if someone is videoing or taking a picture of you. The banning of facial recognition software is not a permanent move however, but will be enforced until Google has set up the privacy protocols.

In a recent survey, one in five people in the UK have said that they would like Google Glass to be banned for privacy reasons. There is an organisation called Stop the Cyborgs (read more about them at, who are intent on getting Google Glass banned. I’m sure there are countless other organisations with a similar standing.

But according to the head of Google, these privacy concerns will fade. He believes that as they become more intertwined in people’s lives, the users will forget about the privacy concerns that they are having now, and that the apprehension will cease once people start using them.

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  1. That’s not the only thing they should be worried about. Google is in hot water after being found to be part of NSA’s PRISM program whereby the program allows extensive, in-depth surveillance on live communications and stored information that is capable of extracting audio, video, photos, emails documents and connection logs. Find more at

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