NSW Art Galley Visit

NSW Art Galley Visit

I have chosen an artistic figure from Dadang Christano by the name of “They give Evidence” created in 1996-97. Dadang is an Indonesian/Australian artist born on 1957.
This 16 standing figures holding clothes, figures made from terracotta powder mixed with resin/fiberglass, 22pieces of clothing made from cloth and resin.

Christano has a significant reputation internationally as well as in his own country, where he has influenced the direction of contemporary practice. His artistic oeuvre includes painting, drawing, performance, sculpture and installation. Over the last decade Christano’s installation and performance works have received critical recognition for their exceptional power to transcend cultures and evoke reflections on universal human suffering and communal grief. He has become best known for his large-scale installations that employ multiples of the human body-entire bodies, dismembered parts, internal organs or metaphoric forms – tp speak of the injustices suffered by the voiceless many.
As an Indonesian of Chinese descent and, and having experienced the state-induced persecution of family members during the 1965-66 massacres that initiated Suharto regime, Christano has a great empathy for the countless others who have suffered racial discrimination and systematic violence. His art often responds to personal suffering but Christano eloquently imbues his work multiple readings inviting audience to react on universal and intensely personal levels. Christano does not dwell on affliction as the memorial-like quality ever present in his work offers audiences a means of personal and social healing and engendering hope for the future.


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  1. This is a very powerful piece of art, it gives you the sense that something terrible happened to a family of each of them.

    Looks like they want to show the world the loss of a person.

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