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With the media frenzy about the #PRISM case, I stumbled upon this image which I though was very cleverly designed. Advertisements

Information Anxiety: It’s not your fault

“There is no information explosion. There’s an explosion of data. That most of the word “information” is the word “inform”. And most things do not inform us. And it is not our fault. It’s the fault of the people producing the stuff.” – Richard Saul Wurman (2011)

Surveillance Camera Man

What if the surveillance cameras we are all used to, followed us around? This experiment shows some -expected- reactions to convey a message. Note: I couldn’t decide which of the three videos is stronger, so I embedded all three below. Some contain foul language, so apologies in advance.   Video 01: Video 02: Video 03: […]

“Theorising the Web”

From, I enjoyed reading the 3-part post about “how we talk about media refusal” (Portwood-Stacer 2012). The three posts study the three main reasons of why people might want to abstain from using the Internet:  Thinking it’s an addiction problem. Trying to care of one’s self through means of asceticism. Aesthetics; a matter of personal […]

The Internet: The Organism

  This is an image of the internet. It is the latest visual representation which traces all the routes of the Internet (The Opte Project 2005). This image comes up in most discussions about the Internet. Continuing with our discussion in class  about cyborgs, I find these two TED talks, which have this image this […]


This is my third visit to the Art Gallery of NSW in the past 10 months of my stay in Sydney. Some artwork are really just mesmerizing. The artwork that captured my interest during this visit was the life-sized cast sculpture artwork by Tim Silver. As part of the artwork setting, water droplets were dropping […]

The best are everywhere

It was pointed out under “Mobility at Work” in the chapter of ‘Communication and Mobility in Everyday Life’ (Castells et al. 2007) how conventional work processes will be witnessing a profound transformation because of the advancements in mobile communication. This falls in perfect alignment with the chapter from the book “ReWork” called: ‘The best are […]