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Internet Governance

Michel Foucault’s concept of governmentality is a combination of the words “government”, “mentality”, and “rationality”. With this word, Foucault whishes’ to explain a regulation rationale in which governments can exercise power, and thereby control and regulate it’s habitants trough discrete technologies and mechanisms (Lindgreen, 2007, s. 339). The Internet can be described as a stateless […]

The new X-box Kinect

I don’t remember who talked about x-box, but here is the new version (just revealed some days ago) of the kinect. It looks pretty solid to me 😉

WARNING NON-ACADEMIC PROPOSAL!! Celebrate end of term?

Hi guys Just wondered if you guys wanna go get a beer somewhere in the next couple of weeks? Like a way of ending this term in a good way together? If you have a suggestions to when and where – write it here 😉

The Telegraph – and media matrixes

The Telegraph – and media matrixes   Instead of going to the Art Gallery of NSW I went to the PowerHouse museum close to UTS. Here I looked closely at their “Cyberworld” exhibition but decided to go with a little bit more old fashioned invention – the Telegraph. In the basement of the museum five […]

iPad-based education in primary schools – Learning on Demand

In relation to our talk about ethnographic research yesterday, back in Denmark some classmates and I conducted an empiric ethnographic research of a primary schools use of iPads’ in the classroom. As we also discussed, mobile devices are impacting on our social life, and in particular the way we gain access to information nowadays. Therefor […]

Unleash your inner Jedi

When we talked about the Borg Queen the other day, I started thinking about the extentions of the human body (yes i know that in week seven we are going to talk a lot more about this, but i couldn’t wait). STS-schollars (Science and Technology Studies) such as Donna Haraway, and Bruno Latour are interested […]