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How we view the moving image

In class we were asked to talk about different ways or mediums to view the moving image. As a cinema buff the ultimate viewing experience is in a grand picture palace, a cathedral of the moving image surrounded by strangers. However the cinema is becoming somewhat an anachronistic and expensive way to view the moving […]

Art Gallery Visit

  Jo – Paul Jackson Archibald Prize 2013 The art gallery of NSW architectural design reflects a duality of sorts, between the old and the new. The entrance is what you would expect in an Art Gallery, with its large columns with a marble depiction of the map of Australia. Once you walk into the […]

Essay Question

Is it just me or is anyone else finding it hard to write an abstract for their essay topic. I have chosen three to look at but still have to find  time to research them fully to figure out how to tackle it. Anyone else having this issue?