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Utopia in the iPhone thanks to Mobile Learning

The Mobile Learning or m-learning, is a new teaching and learning method where smartphones and tablets are used inside a real classroom, not a virtual one. Students use the device to record the class (with the video camera), take pictures of important graphs, and they can improve the content searching concepts in dictionaries or online […]

The Internet ‘Narcissism Epidemic’

This piece could act as a bit of a primer about the effects the internet (and more specifically social media) is having on our behaviour – especially younger generations that are far more immersed in the media: The Internet ‘Narcissism Epidemic’ Would be curious to know people’s thoughts on the idea that the Internet is creating […]

To save humanity, click here

Just thought I’d share this very interesting critique and summary of Belarusian thinker Evgeny Morozov‘s new book “To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism“. Morozov’s thought is incredibly far reaching, and this summary essentially touches every single subject area we’ve already spoken about this year. Above all Morozov crusades against what he […]

“SimplicITy” Encourages Elderly to get Online

Thesedays using the Internet has many benefits for people. They can find information and keep in contact with friends and family. The problem is that for some users modern computers are very difficult to use and understand. This is a particularly big issue for the elderly. A new computer has debuted in the UK called […]

Twitter as a transmissive & ritual communication

Hi, I found another example of the modern social media (Twitter) playing a role of transmissive and ritual communication in this time a place of God – Church.It is very interesting how now days pastor can establish his presence via Facebook and gather a community for a ceremony via Twitter. These technologies are enabling multi-directional […]

The digital Revolution with others Revolutions

Hi, Everyone During my research about the Digital Revolution, I found the topic that I interest on it. each one has probably heard about the arab spring and how it is coming up, what its reasons are, what factors are that help on its success. My strongly believe is that the social networks ( the Digital Revolution […]

Google Glass

Hi guys! Here’s an interesting post from Engadget that relates to our discussion in class in week 2. The article gives off a dystopian and technologically deterministic view about this advancement in technology that Google Glass brings. It is interesting because of the additional negative implications it could have in our society if ever it already […]