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Culture is a non-geographic process

I would like to discuss the point of Carey (1989) where he says:   The transmission view of communication is the commonest in our culture–perhaps in all industrial cultures–and dominates contemporary dictionary entries under the term. It is defined by terms such as “impaffing,” “sending,” “transmitting,” or “giving information to others.” It is formed from […]

Radio as Ritual or Transmission Communication

    This picture shows a family sitting together in the living room around the radio.  They are focusing in what the person on the radio is saying.  The communication between the listeners and the radio could be categorized under Carey’s idea of transmission communication. Transmission communication is “the transmission of ‘content’ from one place […]

Methods of improving communication

1.      Methods of improving communication 1.1.   Proper use of gestures The use of gestures is a non-verbal form of communication which is important in creating clarity of information communicated by the sender to the recipient (Knapp & Hall, 2009, p. 126). In addition, the use of gestures creates efficiency when two parties to a discussion […]

The ritual side of news media as a popularity driver

Our discussion about ritual and/or transmissive modes of communication last week got me thinking about online journalism. Soon after comments started being allowed at the end of news articles, this dialogue began to make an impact on how many people wound up reading certain pieces of news. People like to feel involved, part of a […]

Lost in transmission

An interesting topic was raised in class last week, about the probability of God being a creation of the human race. The discussion was triggered by the statement: “Reality is a vast production that is humanly produced and maintained” (Jones 2013). This debate -which I find interest in- is an ageless one, and I am […]

Communication problems in 1978

Hi guys, As I was doing the research on this week’d topic about communication, I came across this article / report on communication problems in 1978 prepared by International Commission for Study of Communication Problems. The article talks about the communication problems that were debated internationally. Here are some that I found interesting: 1. “Communication […]