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How Blind People Use Twitter and YouTube on the iPhone

This video shows as a Utopy, the technology of the criticized iPhone helping blind people to communicate and use almost all the controls, apps and characteristics. Voice control, the artificial intelligence of Siri, and the touch screen are main parts to help a blind to use the iPhone even for publish messages in twitter or […]

Phenomenological approach: the camera phone as a social tool

I decided to ask my (male) interviewee about what it is like to take photos using a camera phone. I wondered if the experience and purpose of taking photographs changed for him, when coupled with instant internet access. I asked broad questions such as ‘would you buy a phone without a camera?’ (answer: no), ‘how […]

In-Class Workshop: How modern technologies are used in everyday life

Hello, My in-class study was about how people use modern technologies in their life and in particular, in their morning routine. Some of my broad questions were: – Did you notice any significant changes in your morning routine due to the use of modern technologies? – How do they impact your life in general if […]

Class Workshop: Facebook Friends vs. Real-life Freinds

My phenomenological questions focused on the differences/similarities between friendships on Facebook and friendships in reali-life. The purpose of the study is to find out whether Facebook has any impact on real-life freindships, and whether the impact is positive or negative. The specific questions were: 1-How many times do you logon into Facebook per day? 2-How many friends […]

Data collection technique ( Observation )

Dears, Observation method is defined as the process of collection data for business goals within the real watching of action. I was doing it last year so, I would like to show what the result was based on this data gathering techniques. The first scenario is to have a romantic dinner and watching movie next Saturday […]

Defining technologies and the new Sony ad. Incredible.

We’ve had a few interesting discussions about historically defining technologies – the sort of technology that becomes so deeply ingrained in society/culture that it is essentially inseparable. Well, Sony‘s new ad for the Xperia Z really, really drives this point home. Check it out: (the iframe embed code for the Facebook video isn’t working… and I can’t find this ad on […]

The best are everywhere

It was pointed out under “Mobility at Work” in the chapter of ‘Communication and Mobility in Everyday Life’ (Castells et al. 2007) how conventional work processes will be witnessing a profound transformation because of the advancements in mobile communication. This falls in perfect alignment with the chapter from the book “ReWork” called: ‘The best are […]