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Microperceptions with white spaces

Images by: Trendworms in flickr Both images were created to represent two different messages under one same concept: “Peace and war”. The first image has a macro perception of a military tank, shooting and attacking; the second image shows us a Volkswagen van, a common vehicle used during the Second World War, it can also […]

Arthur Boyd’s The Stockman (1944)

I always love going to the NSW Art Gallery. I’m particularly captivated by some of the incredible artists Australia produced in the 20th Century – Arthur Boyd and Sidney Nolan in particular. After my visit to the gallery I have selected Arthur Boyd’s The Stockman (1944) for discussion. The first thing that strikes me about […]

an affective image for tourism

I think most of you know how much images affect on market especially tourism side. What I think is that the most attractive destination image is the most visiting place and you can test that on yourself when try to visit some a tourist place. Here, you can see how image plays a big action of decision whereas image transfers […]

Micro and Macro perceptions (

This site gives very “bold” and intimidating first impression. The pictures has people with their eyes masked to hide their identity. They have signs of hammer all over the site.  These are macro perceptions that give impression of power and intimidation. The long text about the organisation’s history tell you their story and vision starting […]

Micro and Macro perceptions tutorial task

I looked at Barbie website in particular, micro and macro perceptions visual elements. The first thing that hit me right in the face was everything was colour PINK. No mistake that this is a website for the girls. Barbie doll in the middle of the screen smiles straight at me with sparkles on her […]


This is my third visit to the Art Gallery of NSW in the past 10 months of my stay in Sydney. Some artwork are really just mesmerizing. The artwork that captured my interest during this visit was the life-sized cast sculpture artwork by Tim Silver. As part of the artwork setting, water droplets were dropping […]

Observations on

My observations on This website’s visuals are designed to give off a sense of toughness, hardness, strength. Font is bold, thick, and features a brick texture. The logos continue the theme; hammers against harsh nationalistic emblems. The header image is filled with tattooed, bald men forming X’s with their arms. They do not look overly friendly […]