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Art Gallery Visit

  Jo – Paul Jackson Archibald Prize 2013 The art gallery of NSW architectural design reflects a duality of sorts, between the old and the new. The entrance is what you would expect in an Art Gallery, with its large columns with a marble depiction of the map of Australia. Once you walk into the […]

Art Gallery Visit: After Leonardo

Title: After Leonardo Author: Alexis O’Connor This piece of art contains 9 small paintings describing the same subject, the use of technology in our bodies. The drawings were done with pen and coloured pencil, on paper dyed with ink. Each image is inspired in Leonardo da Vinci’s original drawings of the human body, with the […]

Boyd’s embodiment of surveillance: art gallery visit

Arthur Boyd The Expulsion 1947-48 I chose this work by Arthur Boyd because I think the placement of Adam and Eve figures in the Australian bush is an interesting juxtaposition. At face value it seems like a mismatch because Australia was so far removed, geographically and culturally, from the origins of this story and its development […]

NSW Art Gallery visit

There were so many images that draw my attention screaming out dualities. One in particular, I chose to concentrate is by Luke Fields “The widower” (1876). In this painting Fields represented life and death. The five children and their father already dealt with the loss of their mother and wife. And now the life of […]

The Anatomy Class (Art Gallery Visiting)

I considered myself as a lucky person since I had a chance to visit the Art Gallery last Week. It was amazing walking between paintings, which tell us some aspects of the history. I found many wonderful paintings, but none of them attracted me like The Anatomy Class. When I was a child, I would […]

The Art Gallery of NSW Visit

I have been here since 2009 I blame myself why I have not visited it during this period of time. Anyway, what I saw it was so wonderful and amazing and it can be said that The Art Gallery of NSW includes the world of different arts. The first amazing picture that steals my attention is : The above beautiful depiction was painted […]

Duality and paradox of connection/dis-connection by John Brack (Art Gallery visit)

The visit to the NSW Art Gallery was the first one since I came to Sydney in 2009, and I have to say I was amazed by the beautiful and amazing pieces of art displayed at the gallery, and I will definitely have a second visit very soon. There are so many pieces that caught […]