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The effects of Robots.

The impacts of robots especially industrial robots become apparent for us. It can be said that one of robot’s impacts is displacement of jobs and you can imagine if robot is developed to do the simplest job such as a dishes washer or a house cleaner how many people will be affected by losing jobs […]

The techno body in art

I came across this Australian born artist’s website . Stelarc experiments with the human body and technology relationship. He is very talented and experienced artist  and being an artist here perhaps ahead of the “trend” in the popular culture. His experiments, some of  which are medical / surgical body manipulations are designed to explore the […]

What’s ‘natural’ about doping?

On the way to class yesterday I was listening to Hack, the nightly current affairs show on Triple J. One of the topics covered was: is it okay to allow doping in sports? I was really glad to have stumbled upon this, as it’s a question that I would never have thought to give the […]

What if gender roles in advertising were reversed?

I came across this rather interesting video that asks the question: What if Gender Roles in Advertising Were Reversed? This video runs through some trends in advertising, including: The sexualisation/objectification of women Women being cast in submissive roles The portrayal of ‘hypermasculinity’ Increasing depictions of violent sexual conduct (leading to normalisation of such conduct) The video […]

Nano-technology and the human body

Nano-technology can be defined as the ‘engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale'( The applications of this technology in the medical field can transform the way we live. Scientists claim that many molecular level diseases ( such as Cancer and Alzheimer ) will be things of the past, which is similar to the case of other lethal diseases that have […]

Marketing and the representation of people in cyberspace

This post is related to the area of sport sponsorship and surfing culture. In the surf world, there are two types of people who are sponsored to perform – professionals who are on the world tour, and so-called ‘freesurfers’ who travel around, make videos, and generally get represented in the media as a cool persona. […]

The Internet: The Organism

  This is an image of the internet. It is the latest visual representation which traces all the routes of the Internet (The Opte Project 2005). This image comes up in most discussions about the Internet. Continuing with our discussion in class  about cyborgs, I find these two TED talks, which have this image this […]