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How we view the moving image

In class we were asked to talk about different ways or mediums to view the moving image. As a cinema buff the ultimate viewing experience is in a grand picture palace, a cathedral of the moving image surrounded by strangers. However the cinema is becoming somewhat an anachronistic and expensive way to view the moving […]

How 4 screen sizes can change the message

We live in a world where we gather our news and entertainment through different screens. The mains ones that I will consider in this post are: Cinema, Television, Computer and Mobile’s screens. Cinemas increase to the maximum their screen size, think about IMAX theaters, with a high level of sound, they try to create an […]

On Exactitude in Science: The map didn’t destroy the city

When Borges (1946) wrote about a map of the size of a city, he mentioned about the map becoming old and ultimately being destroyed by time, he said: The following Generations, who were not so fond of the Study of Cartography as their Forebears had been, saw that that vast Map was Useless, and not […]

TV and Children

I am interested about the impacts of watching TV for kids especially under two years old, because I can note that on my son. Actually, we can obtain advantages and disadvantages from watching TV whereas watching TV can help parents to develop the speech of their kids which mean when the daily watching TV especially […]

Governments, Facebook and twitter

Regarding the privacy level that a person can achieve, we should think that nowadays it is very important to control and limit the amount of personal information that we share in public social networks such as Facebook and twitter. Several governments were elected and and destroyed by this two social tools. We can remember Barack […]