Jo – Paul Jackson Archibald Prize 2013 The art gallery of NSW architectural design reflects a duality of sorts, between the old and the new. The entrance is what you would expect in an Art Gallery, with its large columns with a marble depiction of the map of Australia. Once you walk into the […]

This video shows as a Utopy, the technology of the criticized iPhone helping blind people to communicate and use almost all the controls, apps and characteristics. Voice control, the artificial intelligence of Siri, and the touch screen are main parts to help a blind to use the iPhone even for publish messages in twitter or […]

We live in a world where we gather our news and entertainment through different screens. The mains ones that I will consider in this post are: Cinema, Television, Computer and Mobile’s screens. Cinemas increase to the maximum their screen size, think about IMAX theaters, with a high level of sound, they try to create an […]

Big Brother is television reality games show that isolate ten ordinary people locked up in one house for hundred days from outside world and surrounding with cameras and microphones that recorded 24 hours. In every week, housemates must list out two in their housemate to go then the public will decide the fate of the […]

I’ve been absolutely captivated by the non-traditional media coverage on the protests in Turkey on the weekend. So much noise has been made about the protests on social media, such that for many people social media might represent the majority of their coverage – that is citizen journalism; largely unverified and by individuals who are […]

The Mobile Learning or m-learning, is a new teaching and learning method where smartphones and tablets are used inside a real classroom, not a virtual one. Students use the device to record the class (with the video camera), take pictures of important graphs, and they can improve the content searching concepts in dictionaries or online […]

While we are living in a  society which is migrating from printed books to digital books, thanks to eBook readers and all the advantages to have a huge library in only one device, according to a study made by, the case is completely the opposite when books are meant for children. The study discovers […]